tmv and backflow

tmv and backflow

Allanna Plumbing is an established, fully licensed and insured, plumbing company based in Brisbane providing TMV and Backflow services.

TMV & backflow prevention device testing

30+ years of plumbing experience and 35+ fleet vehicles

Emergency plumbing services available for commercial and residential

TMV & Backflow Testing in Brisbane

Want to prevent scalding and bacteria build up in your water?

Thermostatic mixing valves (TMV) are essential for maintaining the temperature of your water at safe levels. Additionally, backflow testing ensures that your water is safe from water contamination and remains drinkable. 

Allanna Plumbing has 30+ years of experience maintaining TMVs and conducting backflow tests. 

Queensland regulations require that every installed TMV must undergo testing and be commissioned every 12 months. This ensures that the valve is functioning properly and the water is used safely.

Where Are TMV and backflow Installed?

The installation of thermostatic mixing valves and backflow valves can be conducted in properties such as:




Retirement Homes

Children Facilities

And many more...

Basically, anywhere that hot water is available, can have a TMV installed and must be regularly serviced every 12-months.  

The safety and health of your family, employees, clients, and the general public is our utmost priority during our visits to your premises. We ensure that your TMV system is functioning properly and that no one is at risk.

Furthermore, our team of experts ensure that your business operations won’t be halted while our plumbers fix your plumbing systems. You can carry on with your business as usual.

Backflow Testing & Prevention

When water flow is reversed within your pipes, backflow is experienced, this can be caused for a number of reasons. Allanna Plumbing will assess the safety of your water and will make sure that your water is safe to use before the completion of the job.

Backflow testing is essential if you recently faced water interruption in your building due to construction, storm, or other interruption.

Allanna Plumbing provides regular backflow prevention device inspections to ensure that the community and its waters stay healthy. This specialized valve is designed to block the flow of potentially contaminated water from re-entering the water supply. Brisbane homes and businesses can be certain that they’ll experience the highest quality backflow prevention testing services from Allanna Plumbing.

Why Choose Us for TMV & Backflow

Allanna Plumbing has 30+ years of experience in the industry and 35+ vehicles in our fleet.

We are a team of plumbing experts who offer a wide range of services that cover all major plumbing fixtures. 

The usage of water is very common, so ensuring that it is safe to use at all times is absolutely essential. Our team of experts ensures that your TMV and backflow prevention systems are in excellent condition and performing at their best. TMV and Backflow Devices need to be tested once every 12 months. TMVs should be either replaced or fully rekitted/serviced every 5 years maximum.

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